Bio-Electric Quantum Health Coalition

Seeking to Understand, Looking to Change the World

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Who Are We?

We believe in a divine creator and His guided appointment for us to help all people seeking health to understand the greatness of His plan for health and wellness for all. We believe in an interconnection of all things governed by the creator through the movement and transfer of energy, and that the inherent energy of each individual can be analytically measured, evaluated, modulated, supported, and restored to an optimal potential where the natural self-restorative God given properties occur.

Mission And Goals

Our Mission is Seek Truth in Health and Equipping the World to do the same.

Our goal is to seek to understand optimal methods of disease detection and supportive methods to restore health. Within this goal, we believe we are ordained to research and educate the world and provide a means for like-minded people to do the same.

Within this goal, our desire is to provide a forum for practitioners and health seekers to explore, test, analyze, and understand health on the quantum bio-electric chemical and vibrational levels. Ultimately, our goal is to equip, reach, teach, and positively influence the world towards a state of health for all.

Our Vision

Inspired by the works of Dr. Carey Reams and other historical practitioners seeking truth in medicine, our vision is for an American health revolution.

Beginning with supporting and teaching farmers to grow mineral dense high energy pure foods, our vision includes bridging the food and health industry to where pure food and water is our primary source of medicine.

Additionally through bridging natural practices with the recognition, testing, analyzing, functional explanation, and proving of natural therapies through a bio-electric quantum understanding will open the doors to create a natural database showing the cause and effect associations of health, environment, food, therapies, and our well-being.