Membership Levels

Client or Health Seeker - General Membership

Yearly fee for access to information on practitioners, Health by the Numbers(TM) monitoring program, and online teaching information from like minded practitioners.


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Basic Tester and Teacher - Special Membership

Yearly Fee to be listed as home tester and contact for health seekers. Membership includes online access to other network of professionals and testers, access to Health by the Numbers(TM) program with down line of clients or health seekers, and access to online teaching information. Must have attended an educational retreat to qualify for Special Membership.


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Health Professional Tester and Teacher - Professional Membership

Monthly Fee for professionals and teachers of various modalities. Membership includes listing as recognized Naturopathic Physician, health professional, teacher, or practitioner of a Bio-Electric, frequency or vibrational based modality. Additionally, professional members have access to updated educational material, handouts, and web based lectures, access to Health by the Numbers(TM) professional level monitoring program, and receive a 10% discount on fee to attend health retreats. Professional Membership requires attendance to an educational retreat and to have completed an approved level of professional training or experience.


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High Brix Farmer or Garden Enthusiest - Special Membership

Yearly Membership includes potential listing as source for mineral based high brix foods, access to educational information, and links to learn more about mineral and soil optimization. NOTE: To become listed as a source for high brix foods or a soil tester or teachers for referral, all applications must include verification of soil mineral testing results, open disclosure of produce brix values, and testers must disclose source of mineral recommendation guidelines.


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